Letter: Democrats put U.S. in decline

December 17, 2013 

Vladimir Lenin was the father of modern-day socialism. The term "useful idiots" is attributed to him and refers to socialist sympathizers in western countries. There sure are a lot of sympathizers here in the Tri-Cities if the number of letters to the Herald supportive of Democratic party ideas is any indicator.

Everything the Democrats are doing is right out of the old Soviet playbook. Central planning, masterminds, government control of every sector of the economy. These ideas have never ended well anywhere or anytime they have been tried. In fact, thoroughout history, socialism has always has ended in mass graves.

Our Founders had a better idea. Liberty, freedom, personal responsibility and the free market system of economics. Those ideas made us the most powerful nation on the planet.

But now, because of Democrats and their socialist policies, we are in decline. This decline will continue as the last vestiges of freedom are stamped out by the Democratic masterminds and their useful idiots.

I am getting to be an old man. This is not about me, rather it is about our children and grandchildren. Succeeding generations are going to grow up under the yoke of oppression. But do not worry my friends, the Democratic masterminds will be there to take care of us all.


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