Letter: Livable wages fuel economic growth

December 16, 2013 

Letter: Livable wages fuel economic growth

Cathy McMorris Rogers starts out her column in the Dec. 15 Herald with a very good summary of the unemployment problem, especially as it relates to Eastern Washington. My issue is how she proposes to solve the problem. More specifically she argues that we should promote "pro-growth economic solutions that decrease government intervention and unnecessary regulation."

In other words, if government would just get out of the way, the unemployment rate would be lower, and we'd all be better off. She does not understand the reason businesses are not hiring new employees. It is because there isn't a demand for their products and services. The demand is not there because people don't have the income to buy them.

I'm guessing we might agree that making education more affordable would help. But at some point, we need a nation where an honest day's work pays a livable wage. A livable wage that allows people to buy more things that encourages businesses to expand and hire more employees.


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