Mid-Columbia births for Mon, Dec 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 

Prosser Memorial Hospital

ROJAS -- Maribel, Mabton, boy, Nov. 13.

ESTRADA -- Dulce and Hernan Alvarez, Prosser, boy, Nov. 18.

LARA -- Nancy and Jose, Grandview, girl, Nov. 19.

HULSE -- Lani, Prosser, boy, Nov. 20.

PEDROZA -- Josejina and Humberto, Prosser, boy, Nov. 24.

FERNANDEZ -- Juana and Jaime, Sunnyside, boy, Dec. 2.

ROBLES -- Anjelica and David Bradshaw, Sunnyside, girl, Dec. 4.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

BARKER -- Rebecca and Caleb, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 4.

MEREDITH -- Jessica and Lucas, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 4.

CASTANEDA -- Maira and Alex Ramon, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 5.

VELASQUEZ -- Gaby and Adrian Zavala, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 5.

TVERDOKHLEB -- Marina and Victor, Pasco, boy, Dec. 5.

WYRWAS -- Stephanie and Richard, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 6.

GARCIA -- Celia and Oscar, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 6.

GIBB -- Jill and Joel, Richland, girl, Dec. 7.

ALVARADO -- Brandi and Axel, Pasco, boy, Dec. 8.

WU -- Ying and Li Fu, Richland, boy, Dec. 8.

BURKE -- Lexi and Zach Quinn, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 8.

KEETON -- Veronica and David, Pasco, girl, Dec. 8.

ROMERO -- Corinna and Christian Reyes, Richland, boy, Dec. 8.

HACKER -- Savanna and Chad, Richland, girl, Dec. 9.

QUINONES -- Paloma and Omar Spindola, Pasco, girl, Dec. 9.

VILLA -- Maria and Marco Santiago, Pasco, boy, Dec. 9.

DIMAS-ROTH -- Michaela and Frank Roth, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 10.

QUIGLEY -- Monica and Joe, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 10.

VAZQUEZ NAVARRO -- Maria and Mario Cano Ramirez, Pasco, girl, Dec. 10.

Trios Heath, Kennewick

OLIVERA -- Olivia and Alejandro Vazquez, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 8.

VALENCIA -- Rosa and Marcos Mendoza, Burbank, girl, Dec. 9.

LOPEZ -- Karyna and Tommy Ferron, Pasco, boy, Dec. 10.

HANKEL -- Kathleen and Dayton Rohwer, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 12.

HERNANDEZ -- Ana and Efren Diego, Pasco, girl, Dec. 12.

Walla Walla General Hospital

FADNESS -- Jessica and Ryan, College Place, girl, Dec. 4.

GARCIA -- Luz and Santos, Milton-Freewater, boy, Dec. 4.

SIMONDS -- Courtney and Edward, Walla Walla, girl, Dec. 5.

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