Letter: In defense of ACA

December 15, 2013 

I am responding to James Langford's Dec. 12 letter. He was very disappointed in my earlier letter defending the Affordable Care Act. He wrote that people call into "nighttime talk shows" stating they can't afford ACA. I'm guessing the "nighttime talk shows" are right-wing programs.

The ACA premium is based on your income -- thus the word affordable. Langford stated, "some people go bankrupt and others become poverty stricken." Let's talk about that when they they suffer a major illness or injury without insurance.

One big reason for high health care costs -- those who pay subsidize those who don't.

Langford stated "only the tea party seems to represent the people." The tea party represents a minority of Americans and does not reflect mainstream thinking. The party's extreme views are the primary reason Congress has ground to a halt in getting things done.

Bottom line, everyone needs health insurance and everyone should contribute to the cost based on their ability to pay. The ACA is a start, and if it needs to be refined as time progresses, so be it.


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