Letter: Cyclists need to ride safely

December 14, 2013 

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

To any bicycle enthusiast riding on Taylor Flats, Eltopia West and Glade in rural Franklin County be aware that you are a road hazard. The speed limit is 55 mph, there are 6 to 8 inches of shoulder and in some places none, and these are roads used heavily by large farm equipment and semitrucks and trailers. Would you ride on the freeway? Probably not. Well, this is simply that: a rural freeway.

A few weeks ago I witnessed what I believe would have been a fatal accident had this incident occurred a short distance farther north. After passing a pair of cyclists riding two abreast, I watched in horror in my rear-view mirror as a semi truck and trailer crested a small hill with barely enough time to slow down and veer into oncoming traffic rather than mow down the cyclists. Fortunately, drivers of the two vehicles heading south as the semi veered into their lane were able to pull off without crashing but the second vehicle completely went off the road skidding in the dirt before getting back on.

If you really feel the need to ride, invest in rearview mirrors.


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