Letter: Reclaim our schools

December 13, 2013 

As an additional argument to the Newsday article republished in the Dec. 8 Herald ("Are corporations taking over our kids' education,"), I offer the following website: www.reclaimpublicednow.org.

This is a call from organizations across the country for the end of corporate attempts to "reform" public schools. It is a call to use testing as it is intended -- as a timely diagnostic and assessment tool for classroom teachers -- not as a cash cow for corporations; a call to support the hard-working teachers in our classrooms -- not beat them down with lies of "failing" schools because of "failing" teachers and a call to stop closing schools that are the heart of some urban communities.

An example of the principles outlined in this document: "Those closest to the education process --teachers, administrators, school staff, students and their parents and community members -- must have a voice in education policy and practice. Our schools and districts should be guided by them, not by corporate executives, entrepreneurs or philanthropists. Top-down reform doesn't address the real needs of schools or students."

Make no mistake. The "reform" movement is all about money. And watch out for your pension too. They will be coming after it as well.


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