Letter: disappointed by ACA because it's not affordable

December 11, 2013 

I was very disappointed with Tony Schouviller's "Obamacare" letter on Nov. 29, criticizing Ben Cook for opposing the Obamacare program in his Nov. 19 letter.

The problem is where to get accurate information when we are bombarded by the government and a media that acts for the government.

1. The Affordable Care Act is not affordable. All organizations give names to bills that support their cause. If you really want to know, listen to callers into nighttime talk shows. The moderator has almost no control over callers. The callers by far are hurting people who cannot afford the ACA. Business people call to say they are forced to cut back. Some people go bankrupt and others become poverty stricken. This is seldom reported by the media.

2. The problem seems to me to be both Republican and Democrat. Only the tea party seems to represent the people.

3. Many in Congress vote on the margin to make it appear they work for the people but they actually try to support permanence in office (bow to those in charge). This is where the problem really lies.

Integrity, honesty and service are for appearance only. There is plenty of evidence -- it just depends where you look. The people position is kept in the shadows. The propaganda is espoused. You are not in Kansas, but don't know it.


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