Letter: Who will get job done?

December 10, 2013 

I'm writing in response to the recent letter suggesting it's time for politicians to put America first.

Chosing where to stand on political issues and which political party to stand behind is complicated. However, the first question that you must ask is: If I elect this particular person of this party, what will he or she do to accomplish and further key issues on certain political subjects, such as health care, education and the economy?

Things have changed dramatically in the years since Daniel Webster wrote about what he stood for many years ago. When society and our nation grow over the years, so do our expectations. The issues that confronted Daniel Webster don't necessarily stand for the same thing, hold the same meaning, nor hold the same values today.

It's the person who will speak for the people and has the same beliefs, opinions and attitude who will get the job done for his or her party. When you get the chance to cast your ballot, make sure you look for that one candidate who wants more for the country than just a re-election.


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