Letter: West Richland's golden parachutes irksome

December 10, 2013 

On Nov. 5, the West Richland City Council voted to give certain privileged city employees contracts with severance packages that would rival those of only the most senior managers in the Tri-City area. Their severance package included one month's pay per year of service, plus a $100K insurance plan. Several West Richland citizens and city council members spoke against this overcompensation, and only Mayor Donna Noski spoke for it. In the end, only Councilman Richard Bloom voted against it.

Council members voted in these extravagant contracts at a time when they are rezoning our residential neighborhoods to commercial use because we don't have sufficient tax revenues to run the city, when 450 Hanford workers are facing layoffs and when our federal government is facing deep sequestration budget cuts. The Tri-City Herald editorial board gave a "thumbs down" to these golden parachute contracts.

Excessive compensation packages for select city employees runs contrary to the state code of ethics. I do not believe that the West Richland City Council has been a good steward with our tax dollars in this instance. If you agree, call the West Richland mayor or city council members at 967-3431 and let them know how you feel.


West Richland

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