Letter: Obamanation

December 7, 2013 

Obamacare is an extremely polarized issue about which supporters and detractors are equally passionate. However, what is hard to deny is the fact that the law does have several serious potential problems for Americans and their future.

This health plan is projected to cost $1.1 trillion over the next 10 years and to work accordingly, this is going to include funding from taxpayers and the states increasing expenses ultimately leading to economic downturns. These individuals will have less money to spend on consumer goods and services endorsing a degrading economy instead of improving it.

Not only will this increase the national debt and lead many Americans to bankruptcy but it will as well remove the freedom of choice from private citizens in regard to their private finances and health decisions.

The individual mandate states that you have to obtain health coverage by January 2014, get an exemption or pay a fee and a "penalty income tax" if you can't afford it. Here again, as it is said you can't afford insurance but you are supposed to afford a fee and a penalty income tax?

These though, are not the only dreadful results.


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