Fast Focus: 'Did you shop on Thanksgiving?' Willful rebellion

December 6, 2013 

I occasionally write socialist and unionist letters to the paper, which so far have all been printed. There has been no printed response from other readers, but perhaps my ideas on holiday shopping will illicit some.

Holiday shopping is something I avoid out of principle. I do so as a conscious act of rebellion. The annual holiday madness is one of the most clear indications that capitalist ideology completely dominates the mentality of the masses, and a symptom of the infection of avarice that is now endemic in our culture. Most agree that the holidays are now just an excuse to exchange gifts or catch up on acquisitions, but I say thats no reason to participate in it.

On the contrary, if we hope to one day overthrow our corporate masters and establish a more human society we must not follow the inertia of the weak-minded like sheep to their slaughter. We must resist. We must dissent. We must think correctly. We must be men and women, not mere consumers.

Capitalism is an enemy of humanity that makes justice impossible. It is anathema to the Gospel. The new pope has got that part right. Now, if he would just rethink the rest of Catholic dogma.

-- RICH DAVIES, Kennewick

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