Man accused of stealing from his grandmother

By The Tri-City HeraldDecember 5, 2013 

A 19-year-old West Richland man allegedly memorized his grandmother's checking account number so he could wire himself $200 in cash.

Isaiah R. Acedillo Kupukaa also is accused of stealing his grandmother's jewelry and pawning it because he needed money for a drug debt.

Kupukaa pleaded innocent to first-degree trafficking in stolen property and second-degree theft. His trial is set for Feb. 24.

Kupukaa told someone that he had overheard his grandmother giving the account number to someone else, so he memorized the numbers to use later, court documents said.

Then on Aug. 13, Kupukaa sent $200 from her account through Western Union, documents said. The victim reportedly never gave her grandson permission to access her checking account.

The victim discovered the following day that the money was gone, along with several pieces of her jewelry.

Her ring was found at a Kennewick pawn shop and business records, including a photograph of Kupukaa, allegedly showing he brought the ring in Aug. 14 to get money.

West Richland police Sgt. Duane Olsen was present when an undisclosed third party spoke to Kupukaa on speakerphone and the suspect admitted pawning the ring, documents said.

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