Mid-Columbia births for Wed, Dec 4, 2013

December 4, 2013 

Trios Health, Kennewick

HERRON -- Casey and Kelly, Pasco, girl, Nov. 25.

CARDENAS -- Cara and Yvan, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 25.

RAMIREZ -- Gabrielle and Aurelio Munoz, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 26.

HERNANDEZ -- Magda and Librado Zotelo, Mattawa, boy, Nov. 26.

SULEIMAN -- Binto and Dahir Haj-Tusuf, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 26.

ANDERSON -- Delena, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 27.

OSBORN -- Heather and Corey, Pasco, girl, Nov. 27.

JUDKINS -- Andrea and Kevin, Benton City, boy, Nov. 27.

REEVES -- Joanne and Sean Reaksecker, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 27.

RODRIGUEZ -- Raquel and Esteban Tlaxcala, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 28.

ROSALES -- Luz and Jose Banuelos, Pasco, boy, Nov. 28.

PANIAGUA -- Sulma and Alfredo Cardenas, Pasco, boy, Nov. 28.

MCGEE -- Shannon and Javier Hernandez-Benitez, Richland, girl, Nov. 29.

DIAZ -- Lorena and Jesus, boy, Nov. 30.

MALAN -- Grace and John, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 30.

VONGVILAY -- Amy and Mark Mercado, Pasco, boy, Dec. 1.

KILLMAN -- Christal and Justin, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 1.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

VIRGEN -- Felicia and Daniel Christiansen, Hermiston, boy, Nov. 20.

MENDOZA -- Michelle and Sofia, Hermiston, girl, Nov. 22.

BROWN -- Heather and Aaron Prouty, Irrigon, boy, Nov. 22.

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