Letter: There is not 'them' -- we are the government

December 3, 2013 

In an area like the Tri-Cities, where we have great schools and a well-educated population, it's surprising to see letters that conflate the debt, deficit, debt ceiling and the U.S. budget. These are separate entities, and while one affects the others, you can't equate one with another.

The budget is a goal. We hope to receive so much in taxes to pay for services such as military, education, Medicare, etc. The debt can be current or projected. You have to know which one you're talking about. To talk about "the debt" without defining it is either ignorant or disingenuous. The "debt ceiling" has to do with debt we've already taken on. It has nothing to do with allowing for more debt. Our representatives vote to pay the troops and arm them, maintain national parks, etc. If that total exceeds estimations for current income, they raise the debt ceiling, but after the debt is assumed. You can't buy a new heat pump and then decide not to pay for it. "The deficit" is how much you're behind in your estimation of upcoming costs.

In America, we are the government. There is no "them" to despise. And, as always, majority rules.

Mimi Latta, Richland

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