Letter: Gonzaga students shouldn't be punished for self-defense

December 3, 2013 

Unfair punishment

I recently read an article in the Tri-City Herald about two students at Gonzaga University in Spokane who were waiting to find out what may happen to them, either expulsion or extended probation, after using a gun to scare off an intruder. They are already fighting their current probation.

I think that the boys did the right thing to scare off the attacker. I believe that punishing them in any way is ridiculous. It seems contradictory to tell people to "stick up for yourself and others" but then punish those who do.

Apartments that house nothing but college students should have some kind of security at all times. This would prevent students from being punished as a result of self-defense. A security guard would be doing his or her duty and would not face student probation if self-defense ever needed to come into play. Parents need to be able to feel secure when they send their students to out-of-town or out-of-state colleges. They want their kids to be safe whether it is by protecting them personally or trusting law enforcement. Either way, something needs to be done. I fully agree with the parents.


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