Letter: Look to the future with anticipation, gratitude

December 2, 2013 

Essance Ray (Letters, Nov. 22) wrote about the bleak future offered to the younger generation who must "pay for the older generation's mistakes."

I certainly hope Essance was just feeling a moment of insecurity and doesn't usually take such a negative stance.

The bad news is that every generation pays for the mistakes of others -- it's called life. The good news is that each generation also benefits from all the monumental successes of previous generations.

They braved the unknown to discover new land, toiled endlessly to settle it and fought wars to ensure its freedom. They conquered deadly diseases and made huge scientific and technological advances.

They established the college Essance is attending and the program she is utilizing. Members of the next generation should be thankful that they are young and just beginning this wonderful adventure.

It will indeed be difficult at times and it will disappoint, but it will also amuse and amaze and thrill you. Your attitude will determine what kind of an experience you have. See to it that you contribute positively to those who follow you. Look to the future with anticipation and be grateful to those previous generations.


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