Letter: What's next after ACA?

November 27, 2013 

The U.S. economic system is based on free enterprise, which means a lot of personal innovation or sloth, too much or too little supply (ditto demand), integrity or lack of, free speech and a huge capacity to hurt or heal.

Every personal choice is met with a natural consequence, also known as, "What goes around, comes around." There is the concern that a person's "due" is delayed or perhaps even avoided completely but this goes both ways -- positive and negative. These "injustices" are inherent in the system and perhaps the reason a democratic government introduces laws to begin with.

However, the minute an artificial barrier is put up (legislation) it affects the entire system and no longer are the natural consequences of a person's choice the result. Outcomes are skewed and we learn to play the game, get past the rules or use them in our favor. The more money or influence you have, the greater the chance the rules are pushed in your favor.

If love and charity are a bit far down on your priority list, bad feelings are generally the result.

It is absurd to think the U.S. government can take one spoke of the health care wheel (insurance) and think our health care will improve while allowing the other spokes (pharmaceuticals, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, etc.) to continue, albeit in a highly legislated way. Who is next? What entity will be the next target to cripple our great nation? Are laws made for our good or for a select few's gain?


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