Letter: No magic pill for fixing health care in America

November 26, 2013 

Letter: No magic pill for fixing health care in America

With pride, Mitt Romney expressed hope that Massachusetts' efficient health care law would become a template for the nation. Obama took that hope and submitted the same template to Congress.

Congress rewrote the bill using input from the insurance industry, whose sole purpose is maximizing profit through increased premiums and decreased pay outs.

Republican congressmen immediately denied any involvement in passing the law, falsely claimed they were shut out of the proceedings and foolishly screamed socialism and death panels. We then spent months "debating" birth control despite the complete absence of validity from the opposition who were defending the right of employers to project outdated "beliefs" onto their employees.

Meanwhile, using a fraction of the billions wasted in the Pentagon's annual budget (without cutting soldiers' pay/benefits) we could fund an efficient national health service without raising taxes, and without you or your employer paying "insurance" premiums. It won't happen because gluttonous, self-indulgent Americans enjoy being manipulated by fanatical ideologues, worshipping greed and praying to big pharma for a magic pill that will make us all physically fit and sexually attractive.


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