Letter: ACA comes with sticker shock

November 25, 2013 

I recently watched Sen. Maria Cantwell testify in a Senate hearing on Obamacare.

She was saying how the uninsured in Washington had dropped from one in four uninsured to one in 10 uninsured. Those are just extraordinary numbers. Cantwell neglected to mention that just last week the sign-up rates in Washington were 87 percent Medicaid and 13 percent actual insurance buyers.

Can anyone explain to me how, after Obama exempted so many large companies, unions and politicians, how the 13 percent is supposed to be able to support the coming Obamacare raises that it will take for that 13 percent to support the 87 percent Medicaid recipients. The raises will come. The prices are locked in for 2014. If you think sticker shock is bad now, just wait a year.

Would it not be better to do away with all the bureaucracy of the Affordable Care Act, the IRS, state exchanges and computer networks? We will save billions of dollars if the government just gives each American $1 million a year for health care.


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