Letter: Ted Cruz rising star in Republican firmament

November 24, 2013 

In a crass mean-spirited essay (Letters, Nov. 5), Martin Bensky of Richland smeared Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, questioning his loyalty to America and his credentials as a potential presidential candidate and expressing a desire that Cruz renounce his U. S. allegiance and move back across the border to Canada where he was born.

A rising star among conservatives, Cruz has quickly gained prominence in national politics. Even a cursory assessment of his accomplishments reveals an impressive work history, a brilliant legal mind, superior academic achievements, a man of faith with unrelenting commitment to family and the pro-American ideals upon which Texans elected him.

Bensky also apparently forgot that Cruz is Hispanic, a member of a protected minority class in the U.S. As such, and following the Democratic Party mantra, Mr. Bensky's hurtful sentiments would be lambasted by Democrats as blatant racism -- if they had been uttered by Republicans.

Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz, as our first Hispanic president would be superior to Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president. Obama, though the recipient of the Nobel Prize, is manifestly more deserving of the four Pinocchios that he was recently awarded by the Washington Post for serial prevarication -- OK, lying!


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