Letter: Railroad death leaves additional victims

November 24, 2013 

A recent article devoted nearly a whole page to the poor tragedy on the railroad tracks last month. But I was shocked at the scope of the story because there is nothing romantic or leisurely in taking a stroll on private property and thinking it is all right to sit on railroad tracks for a smoke.

The attitude expressed in the story was disrespectful to two other victims that it never mentioned -- the railroad engineer and conductor who sat in that engine unable to stop and watching the horror before them.

Many years ago, I drove railroad engineers and conductors from point A to B. Their worst fear was hitting someone and the after effects or nightmares and reliving the experience that never goes away. People practically dare the train to stop in time or get too close to take pictures or there are the jumpers.

Walking a dog and taking a break by sitting on the tracks is not romantic or a casual occurrence. It is deadly.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to the engineer and conductor who had to witness the tragedy and now have to live with it. I hope they know that my thoughts are with them and their families who must endure that kind of horror.


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