Fast Focus: 'How would you brand the Tri-Cities?' Science minded

November 24, 2013 

Why do we want tourists? I remember many a person telling me they preferred to keep our pretty sunny weather, safe family-friendly and economical community a secret so it would not become like the anathema: "the WEST side."

If we are past that and wanting tourists, then here are my ideas:

w Combine our four cities into one and change the name to ... Fusion, WA or Atomic City, WA or Plutopia, WA ... something that has a scientific origin in an optimistic bent.

-- Focus our identity on STEM in the sunshine!

-- Highlight our location in wine country, along the Columbia Basin Rivers: Columbia, Yakima, Snake ... surrounded by agriculture.

-- Continue to develop the riverfronts with bicycle/walking path access so people can be physically active while enjoying access to the waterfront both for leisure and professional use (multi-use waterfront).

-- Design and build a centerpiece architectural feature. The fingernail is not it. St. Louis has arches, Hollywood has the hill, Seattle has the Space Needle. Design something that represents our scientific, innovative community and put it in place of the Fingernail ... yep. Major sacrifice.

-- Continue to focus on developments that enhance these themes.

-- SHELLY HANSEN, West Richland

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