Letter: Intervention in Syria moral imperative for whole world

November 22, 2013 

Not so long ago, an evil ruler considered Jews, people of color, the disabled and the elderly to be persons of no worth. He ordered abortion, the destruction of churches and synagogues and death for those who refused to salute and shout, "Heil Hitler." Thousands were sent into forced labor camps, where they were starved, beaten and gassed. But for years, the mighty nations, including us, refused to become involved. Eventually a combined war effort stopped this despot, but our delayed actions enabled the deaths of heaven only knows how many people.

Fast forward to Syria. It's impossible for us to turn a blind eye to Assad's use of chemical weapons since the eyes of the whole world have observed the agony of those precious souls via TV, and testing has confirmed the worst. A rapid strike by the combined forces of the United Nations could put a stop to this, but once again we sit on our collective rumps choosing not to get involved. It's outrageous that the United States should have to consider going this alone. Killing innocent people isn't a political issue -- it's a heart issue, a humanitarian issue, a moral issue. God help us!


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