Letter: Future looks bleak to college student

November 22, 2013 

As one in the younger generation, I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to paying off our country's national debt. Soon I will be heading off to college, but I have to wonder, will I be able to afford a degree in chemistry?

I am already in the Running Start program at Columbia Basin College, trying to obtain my associate's degree before I graduate from high school. This was a cheaper way to obtain the degree but will it be enough to find a job after I transfer?

Why should we, the younger generation, have to pay for the older generation's mistakes? We didn't vote for a president who went over the budget, but we get to pay the difference? I can already feel the stress of being an adult heavy on my shoulders. I mean we already have enough to worry about: completing our education, finding a job, taking care of our families, and now we are the ones expected pay off the national debt too. The road ahead for the us seems bleak, difficult, and disappointing.


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