Letter: SHAKE thanks its partners

November 21, 2013 

RSVP's Seniors Helping All Kids Education (SHAKE) project collects and distributes school supplies to 79 schools in Benton and Franklin counties, based on the poverty rate of each school. The average poverty rate for both counties is 60.6 percent. In August, 384 boxes of supplies were delivered to enable students to begin school ready to learn and without the stigma of economic disparity.

As chairwoman of the SHAKE project, I'd like to extend a special thanks to our community partners, businesses, service organizations and churches that contributed in so many ways to support this year's SHAKE School Supply Drive. Super thanks to countless volunteers who sorted, counted, boxed and delivered these supplies to public schools.

Thank you to schools for advertising the drive and to the collection sites for displaying the collection/donation boxes. It truly "takes a community to raise a child." Tri-Citians understand the value of education, the need to erase economic inequity and the importance of hope in children's lives. Thank you, Tri-Cities, for generously supporting the education of children!


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