Letter: Replace Congress, impose term limits

November 19, 2013 

I completely agree with Mike Berriochoa's Nov. 10 letter to the editor, "Replace Hastings." We the people need to do everything we can to replace our current political hierarchy with new members. I'm not out to pick on Doc, but our elected officials seem to have forgotten why they are in office, how they got there and who they are supposed to represent.

I would like to go one step further in that we the people do what is necessary to have term limitations imposed on our elected officials. Our Founding Fathers had concerns about an "American royalty" becoming a reality with politicians spending too much time in office, and too much power concentrated in single individuals. I think today's Congress very clearly shows that.

I doubt enough of the present members of Congress would vote to pass the constitutional amendment required to make this happen, so again, it is time to replace all members who are not working for our benefit and in our interests.

As Berriochoa mentioned, Doc has failed miserably, and it is time to replace him. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I would like to add that it is time to replace them all.

BERT SPEAR, Benton City

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