Letter: Tri-City drivers -- Leave early, safely arrive

November 19, 2013 

Letter: Tri-City drivers -- Leave early, safely arrive

I just have few questions for Tri-City residents. Why do you drive the way you do? Why do you always have to be first in line, like when merging from Richland and Highway 240, going east, where three lanes go into one onto Interstate 182, then cut across two lanes of traffic to take the Road 100 exit just to sit at the red light at the top of the ramp longer than me? It happens every time. What a waste of energy to you and your car.

Another one -- I'm always tailgated all the way down the ramp, on I-182, then have to drive in the right lane at 70 mph or faster just to keep from being rear-ended on I-182.

I'm already doing at least 70 mph at the bottom of the ramp, the tailgater darts out around me into the other two lanes. As he passes me by, I wonder what his speedometer is reading?

Come on, Tri-Cities, have some patience and slow down. Plan ahead, leave a little earlier because all lanes are the same speed on that piece of roadway.


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