Fast Focus 'What are your ideas for access to the Hanford site? Road up Rattlesnake

November 17, 2013 

It is exciting to think that we will be able to drive up to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain and see the extraordinary views it has to offer. It would be a very sad day, if not hateful, if the Indian Nations deprived handicapped and elderly from being able to drive up to see these views. A road to the top of Rattlesnake would allow street bikes access as well tourism to thrive.

Rattlesnake summit should not be limited to the healthy elite. The snobbishness of greenie hikers, who only want the young and healthy (or at least physically fit) to be able to utilize the mountain needs to be prevented. Rattlesnake summit should be available by car to women with infants, grandparents with walkers, wheelchairs and the rest of our rotund society who cannot climb Badger Mountain, much less Rattlesnake.

Please support a road to the top of Rattlesnake. Virtually all used National Monuments have roads to the peaks within their borders so that all of society can enjoy the area. Don't allow Rattlesnake summit to become limited to the tribes and health freak snobs.


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