Richland's Bratton has big day in swimming

November 15, 2013 

Richland’s Lisa Bratton gave herself an OK mark after Friday’s preliminaries at the WIAA state swimming and diving championships in Federal Way.

“I’d say it was a 7 or 8,” said the Bombers’ senior who is headed to Texas A&M next year to swim.

“Lisa had two really good (individual) swims and I expect her to go fast tomorrow in the finals,” said Richland coach Kathy Piper.

Bratton was the fastest qualifier in the 200 IM, the same event she won last season as a junior.

On Friday, she was 3.52 seconds better than anyone else in the event, finishing with a time of 2:03.39.

Bratton also combined with teammates McKenzie Schroder, Alyssa Musick and Lauren Hall to place high in two relays for the Bombers — the 200 medley and the 400 free.

In the 200 medley, Piper made some changes to the lineup, and had Bratton lead off. The team finished third with a time of 1:51.48.

That time was a school record for Richland.

That made Bratton happy.

“We were seeded 17th going into the event and finished third,” said Bratton, who led off in the backstroke.

The Bombers, with Bratton swimming the anchor leg, were second fastest in the 400 free at 3:40.66.

In both events, Newport of Bellevue leads the way.

Bratton will compete in a fourth final today, as she placed fourth in the 100 backstroke prelims with a time of 57.65 seconds.

Hall just missed qualifying for the 100 butterfly finals, taking ninth with a time of 59.45 seconds.

Piper was pleased with Hall and the two Schroders, saying they had some of their best performances on Friday. She also praised Kelsea Hinkley, who sits in 12th overall in 4A diving.

Tixier will swim in four finals today in the 3A meet.

She placed fourth in both the 200 IM and 100 free prelims, and she was part of the Falcons’ two relays (200 free and 400 free) that qualified.

The 200 free relay was particularly gratifying, as Hanford (Linnea Peacock, Janae Sullivan, Tixier and Kayla Burnight) finished second in 1:41.90.

Sunnyside’s Cassadie Moore will swim in the 3A 100 breaststroke finals today after placing seventh in the prelims.

The 3A diving event had not finished when the Herald went to press.

At Federal Way

Top qualifiers in prelims and Mid-Columbia results

Class 4A

200 medley relay—1. Newport 1:50.16; 3. Richland (Lisa Bratton, McKenzie Schroder, Alyssa Musick, Lauren Hall) 1:51.48. 200 free—1. Kayla Roberson (Inglemoor) 1:55.16; 13. McKenzie Schroder (Richland) 2:00.89. 200 IM—1. Lisa Bratton (Richland) 2:03.39; 17. Alyssa Musick (Richland) 2:17.44. 50 free—1. Kenna Ramey (Federal Way) 23.32. Diving—1. Hailey Kessler (Auburn) 279.05; 12. Kelsea Hinkley (Richland) 207.85. 100 fly—1. Kenna Ramey (Federal Way) 55.98; 9. Lauren Hall (Richland) 59.45. 100 free—1. Alan Pries (ER) 52.45. 500 free—1. Brianna Lucien (Mariner) 5:07.60; 10. Mackenzie Hale (Walla Walla) 5:21.45; 14. McKenzie Schroder (Richland) 5:25.40. 200 free relay—1. Gig Harbor 1:40.31; 23. Richland (BreAnn Bell, McKenzie Schroder, Kelsey Olsen, Katie Schroder), 1:47.22. 100 back—1. Kyndal Phillips (Kentlake) 56.84; 4. Lisa Bratton (Richland) 57.65; 15. Lauren Hall (Richland) 1:02.94. 100 breast—1. Carolyn McCann (Gig Harbor) 1:03.38; 18. Katie Schroder (Richland) 1:10.30. 400 free relay—1. Newport 3:36.05; 2. Richland (McKenzie Schroder, Lauren Hall, Alyssa Musick, Lisa Bratton) 3:40.66.

Class 3A

200 medley relay—1. Bainbridge 1:49.87; 21. Sunnyside (Kalie Bestebreuer, Cassadie Moore, Payton Sample, Summer Hazzard), 2:01.73; 22. Kennewick (Blair Murphy, Alexis Murphy, Samantha Lester, Courtney Schreiner), 2:02.11. 200 free—1. M.Bottelberghe, Columbia River, 1:51.30; 16. Mylie Oberg, Hanford, 2:02.14; 23. Cheyene Griffith, Hanford, 2:10.58. 200 IM—1. Kim Williams, Bellevue, 2:04.28; 4. Lisa Tixier, Hanford, 2:07.62; 24. Blair Murphy, Kennewick, 2:31.67. 50 free—1. Anna Keane, Meadowdale, 23.20; 11. Samantha Lester, Kennewick, 25.71; 15. Danielle Brandon, Kamiakin, 26.12; 19. Janae Sullivan, Hanford, 26.24; 21. Linnea Peacock, Hanford, 26.35. Diving—not available. 100 fly—1. Mackenna Briggs (Liberty) 56.31; 11. Alexis Murphy (Kennewick) 1:00.27; 18. Rachel Schafer (Southridge), 1:02.66. 100 free—1. Anna Keane, Meadowdale, 50.62; 4. Lisa Tixier, Hanford, 53.62; 13. Samantha Lester, Kennewick, 55.99. 500 free—1. Cameron Smith, Seattle Prep, 4:58.14; 14. Mylie Oberg, Hanford, 5:21.00; 24. Blair Murphy, Kennewick, 5:50.05. 200 free relay—1. Lakeside 1:40.79; 2. Hanford (Linnea Peacock, Janae Sullivan, Lisa Tixier, Kayla Burnight), 1:41.90; 23. Southridge (Jaiden Hamilton, Meghan Moran, Allyson Fuller, Shaylin Anzauldua), 1:50.54. 100 back—1. Shayla Archer, Bainbridge, 57.69; 17. Rachel Schafer, Southridge, 1:02.48; 21. Taylor Fievez, Hanford, 1:05.16. 100 breast—1. Kim Williams, Bellevue, 1:03.86; 7. Cassadie Moore, Sunnyside, 1:07.78; 13. Alexis Murphy, Kennewick, 1:09.61. 400 free relay—1. Mercer Island 3:38.22; 8. Hanford (Linnea Peacock, Mylie Oberg, Lisa Tixier, Kayla Burnight) 3:46.44; 16. Kennewick (Alexis Murphy, Courtney Schreiner, Blair Murphy, Samantha Lester) 3:58.29. Class 2A

Prosser results only

200 medley relay—22. Prosser (Kassidy Burnett, Becky Wildman, Danelle McKeirnan, Karlie Lusk), 2:12.32. 400 free relay—24. Prosser (Becky Wildman, Kassidy Burnett, Ali Cox, Danelle McKeirnan) 4:22.45.

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