Letter: Save U.S. from Obama's socialism while you can

November 15, 2013 

It should be abundantly clear what this president has in mind for America, once the greatest country in the world. It is apparent that he has made (is making) a complete mess of foreign policy. The Middle East is in complete turmoil. Half of the world leaders despise him for the latest sloppy handling of "spying." He talks and the Middle East ignores him!

The very things he ridiculed President Bush for doing, he does. It is obvious he wants to tear down America and rebuild it in his ideology. When you control one's health, you control that person completely. And we are now discovering the hidden costs and the myriad lies about the Affordable Care Act!

Obama is slowly tearing us down, and when we hit bottom, we will beg for the government to bail us out -- socialism at its worst. This is just the beginning. Climate control, energy, guns, free speech, total government control, loss of choice (except abortion). We will not recognize our country -- America-land of the free and home of liberty!

It is not too late! We can recover! America is not perfect but is head and shoulders above whatever is second!


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