Letter: Struggle for racial equality continues

November 15, 2013 

Rush Limbaugh and other talk-radio personalities regularly accuse President Obama's supporters of playing the "race-card" when opposing status-quo conservative policies. The issue is not the pros and cons of the president's initiatives but the appropriateness of supporters using racism (the race-card) as a legitimate argument against race-based opposition to his presidency.

But, whose race-card is being played? By default, the "race-card" is played by those conservatives who continue to promote white superiority, privilege and entitlements. President Obama's visibility makes him the major target of this racist ideology. Belief in black inferiority was a major cause of legalized slavery, a segregated military, segregated schools, the Civil War and numerous state and local laws that denied blacks their human and civil rights.

The current social position of the majority of black people and other protected groups leave little doubt that the fight for equality continues, especially for President Obama, who must struggle daily against elected politicians committed to ensure his failure. Those who think that individuals are now judged primarily by the contents of their character in our multi-racial society might revisit historical facts. Racism is the problem whenever the race-card is played, regardless who plays it.


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