Letter: Those weren't the days

November 14, 2013 

Letter: Those weren't the days

When I arrived in the Tri-Cities in 1960, the ambulances were run by the mortuaries with the mortuaries' names on the window. The attendants were minimally trained, and the hope was that when they arrived at the hospital, there would be a doctor somewhere around.

Contrast that with what happened to me the other day when, for the first time, I had a medical emergency at home.

Within minutes of the 911 call, firefighter-medics were at my door. Though I couldn't move a muscle and was in more pain than I have ever experienced, they picked me up, had me in a sling, out of the door, into the fully equipped ambulance and off to Trios Health, formerly Kennewick General Hospital, where doctors and nurses were waiting and in no time flat had me stabilized and hospitalized.

I want to thank those firefighters from Kennewick's Station 3 -- Chris Johnson, Matt Martens, Troy Stratford -- and a student whose name I didn't get. Their professionalism, patience and caring -- along with the dedication of those wonderful Trios nurses on Floor 2 East -- was a credit to the agencies that employ and train them.

Don't ever count me among those calling for the Good Old Days.

JACK BRIGGS, Kennewick

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