Football: Chiawana's Singleton named Mid-Col MVP

November 13, 2013 

Gibson Mcgeorge

November 8, 2013 - Deion Singleton had never played wide receive before coming to Chiawana this season but is among the Mid-Columbia Conference leaders in receptions, yards and receiving touchdowns.

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All Chiawana, all the time.

Well, not entirely, but the Mid-Columbia Conference all-league football team has a decidedly Riverhawks flair.

Senior receiver and defensive back Deion Singleton was voted by the league’s coaches as MVP, while Chandler Newell was named the top offensive lineman, linebacker Alex Weber the top defensive player and Steve Graff the top coach.

All told, the league champions took up 16 of the 31 first-team slots and added six more second-team picks. The next highest number of first-team picks was five, by both Kamiakin and Walla Walla.

Kamiakin snagged one of the superlatives away from the Riverhawks, with quarterback Kylle Robertson earning offensive player of the year. However, he shared the first-team QB spot with Chiawana’s Joey Zamora.

Singleton, Grady Graff (linebacker, tight end), Clifton Lozano (running back, all purpose) and Dre Dorton (receiver, returner) were two-way first-team picks for Chiawana along with Walla Walla’s Darnell Handcox (defensive back, receiver).

Mid-Columbia Conference


MVP: Deion Singelton, Chiawana Offensive lineman: Chandler Newell, Chiawana

Offensive player: Kylle Robertson, Kamiakin

Defensive player: Alex Weber, Chiawana

Coach of the year: Steve Graff, Chiawana

First team

Offense: QB — Joey Zamora, sr., Chiawana; Kylle Robertson, sr., Kamiakin. RB — Umid Ramizov, sr., Kamiakin; Clifton Lozano, sr., Chiawana. WR — Deion Singleton, sr., Chiawana; Payton Radliff, sr., Richland; Dre Dorton, jr., Chiawana; Darnell Handcox, sr., Walla Walla. TE — Grady Graff, sr., Chiawana. OL — Kayden Maughan, sr., Chiawana; Chandler Newaell, sr., Chiawana; Dyle Keech, sr., Kamiakin; William Fisher, sr., Richland; Jacob Meise, sr., Kennewick; Nate Summerlin, sr., Walla Walla. AP — Clifton Lozano, sr., Chiawana. K — Nate Newbry, so., Southridge. Return — Dre Dorton, jr., Chiawana.

Defense: DL — Dylan Keech, sr., Kamiakin; Mark De Ruyter, sr., Chiawana; Juan Noyola, sr., Chiawana; Nate Summerlin, sr., Walla Walla. LB — Alex Weber, sr., Chiawana; Grady Graff, sr., Chiawana; Tyler Herman, jr., Kamiakin; Stuart Gillin, sr., Walla Walla. DB — Deion Singleton, sr., Chiawana; Blake Bishop, sr., Chiawana; Jesse Malone, sr., Richland; Darnell Handcox, sr., Walla Walla. P — Logan Ellsworth, jr., Chiawana.

Second team

Offense: RB — Kadin Diaz, sr., Southridge; Austin Urlacher, jr., Chiawana. WR — Brenden Kelly, sr., Southridge; Blake Bishop, sr., Chiawana; Gibson McGeorge, sr., Richland. TE — Lakota Wills, so., Richland; Gerardo Gomez, jr., Walla Walla. OL — Riley Bacon, sr., Kamiakin; Cory Roemeling, jr., Southridge; Luke Davidson, jr., Southridge; Nick Fuller, sr., Walla Walla; Robbie Calvert, sr., Kennewick.

Defense: DL — Mason Jackson, jr., Richland; Hayden Whitby, sr., Richland; Christian Penny, sr., Chiawana; Austin Arndt, sr., Chiawana. LB — Logan Ellsworth, jr., Chiawana; Will Bishop, sr., Hanford; Bryce Overholt, sr., Southridge; Forrest Swant, sr., Walla Walla. DB — Hunter Chambers, sr., Richland; Ben Kelly, sr., Hanford; Dylan Tennancour, sr., Kennewick; Isaiah Richie, jr., Chiawana. P — Anthony Arroyo, jr., Kennewick.

Honorable mention

DB — Jace Navejas, so., Kamiakin; Trever Coronado, jr., Walla Walla; Nate Perry, sr., Richland; Tanner Pope, sr., Southridge. DL — Jacob Meise, sr., Kennewick; Kellen Hietala, sr., Southridge; John Boynton, sr., Richland; Dallon Grinder, sr., Hanford. LB — Dalton Tuveson, jr., Kamiakin; Mike Vallier, jr., Kennewick; Willie Hayes, jr., Walla Walla; Sterling Farrah, sr., Kamiakin. WR — Austin Gutierrez, jr., Kamiakin; Mitch Huffman, jr., Walla Walla. QB — Zach Whitby, sr., Richland. RB — Anthony Galat, jr., Richland.

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