Letter: Special treatment for Congress rankles

November 13, 2013 

There has been a two-tier system in the United States for a long time. In other countries it is known as the ruling class and the lower class. The elite and the serfs. Those who govern and those who must obey.

Congress complained that the idea of being thrown into Obamacare is so repugnant to them they refused to be subject to that horrible bill, even though they signed it into law. However, there was such a backlash they settled for their premiums to be subsidized up to 75 percent. Who will pay for those subsidies? We, the middle class, of course, through our taxes. This confirms that Congress makes up bills but does not need to follow them. This is against the Constitution.

The rule of law has been supplanted by a system of privileges. Special interest groups (Congress, unions, the president's friends and supporters) are very wealthy and powerful. The victims (taxpayers) are not, and with no protection, are forced to obey and join programs like Obamacare.


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