Letter: News media guilty of bad reporting on ACA

November 13, 2013 

As I witness the bad news surrounding the rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act (the law), it is sad to see how many families are now losing their health insurance coverage. I blame some of this disaster on our national news media because they have stopped performing their social responsibility of protecting the people.

Our press didn't challenge President Obama on any aspect when he was selling his proposed health care law. If the press had done its job, it would have asked the president a simple question: Where in the proposed health care law does it say the people will be able to keep their current health coverage and their doctor?

Our news media didn't do their job, so the president was allowed to mislead the nation and now many families are losing their current health coverage. Even in the face of families losing their health coverage, the news media hasn't called the president on his lie. They haven't and they won't. They don't care about their social responsibility.

I believe at this time, the only action we the people can take is to turn off any biased national news organization exhibited by its failure to challenge all politicians.

GARRY AMIDAN, West Richland

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