Letter: Let's name Ritzville to Pasco stretch of Highway 395 in honor of Tom Foley

November 13, 2013 

I would like to compliment the Herald editorial board for its editorial outlining all of the good U.S. Rep. Tom Foley did for us in Eastern Washington as a congressman and as speaker of the house.

You stated very well his many accomplishments, and I want to zoom in on one area that I am very familiar with: widening Highway 395 to four lanes from Ritzville to Pasco. I served as mayor of Connell and also as a volunteer on the ambulances and fire service. I could write a book concerning the many accidents on Highway 395. We called it Blood Alley!

As a city, as a chamber of commerce and with the help of the Good Roads Association, we tried everything with the federal and state governments to upgrade the highway, all to no avail. When Speaker Foley stepped up, the job got done. End of problem.

We should now start a movement to name the highway from Ritzville to Pasco the Thomas S. Foley Memorial Highway. I note this has been done before, so we won't be breaking new ground. I would be happy to help, but I do not know the procedure. Maybe others do know.


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