Letter: Affordable Care Act isn't socialized medicine

November 12, 2013 

Scott Gearheart (Letters, Nov. 8) accused columnist Leonard Pitts of being somewhere between lazy and a "reverse racist" in criticizing Ben Carson's "well-thought out arguments," including Vladimir Lenin's supposed quote on socialized medicine leading to a socialist state. However, it takes less than 5 minutes of research, conducted outside of the blogosphere of the extreme right to learn that this quote is a fabrication, perhaps generated by a public relations firm hired by the American Medical Association around 1950 to oppose President Truman's proposal on health care.

It would be wonderful to have a reasonable debate about these important issues, but it seems extremists are more interested in character assassination. By the way, the Affordable Care Act is not socialized medicine (health care workers employed by the government). The only "socialized medicine" that operates in the United States is what we provide for our military veterans in Veterans Affairs hospitals.


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