Letter: Fuzzy money has too much influence over politicians

November 11, 2013 

Letter: Fuzzy money has too much influence over politicians

Another election cycle wll be coming up, and where will our candidates get their campaign funds from?

As it stands now, there are few restrictions as to where this money comes from. Does it seem strange that a congressional or senatorial candidate gets some of his funds from a donor many miles away, out of the state? Why would a donor on the East Coast financially support the campaign of a candidate in Washington? Do they expect a reward for their donation?

By donor I mean corporations, unions, special-interest groups or out-of-state residents. Do these candidates really represent us or do they act on the wishes of their out-of-state campaign donors? The appearance of corruption in our government is rampant.

It is said that to restrict out-of-state donors would be to violate their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. Our congressmen and senators should be talking for us, not a special-interest donor many states away. Should not our congressmen and senators get their election funds only from the district they are representing? It is said "money talks." By keeping this fuzzy money out of the hands of these politicians, it just might change the way they represent us.



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