Letter: Hotel at Columbia Point not the answer for Hanford job losses

November 11, 2013 

I heard the Richland City Council is sending out requests for proposals to build a hotel in Columbia Point. I have to wonder what the council members are thinking. Hanford has laid off 20 percent of its work force. The Department of Energy is not bringing back the laid off workers, and all I read in the Herald is how we should be thrilled at all the minimum wage jobs that have replaced them.

Why are we building another hotel instead of recruiting businesses that pay real wages? Why not a software company, a publishing company, an insurance company's home office or a successful promoting company to bring more arts and entertainment into the area?

We are not interested in more businesses that provide mostly minimum wage jobs. Columbia Point is prime property. How about filling it with prime businesses?

If our state is in the Top 10 best places to do business, this should not be a problem. If our separation of cities is a problem that makes our tax policies unfriendly, then we look at that before doing anything with Columbia Point. Either way, bringing in more minimum wage jobs is not the answer to Columbia Point, or anywhere else in the Tri-Cities for that matter.


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