Letter: Progressive politicians fail in two key areas

November 11, 2013 

Letter: Progressive politicians fail in two key areas

Do you know what you get when you feed two poor, stupid, lazy substance-addled people? You get 10 poor, stupid, lazy substance-addled people. It's not even a geometric progression, it is exponential. The government is creating a class of losers. And we know what Darwin said happens to losers.

Big government progressive politicians fail in two key areas. One is human nature. There is a sign in Yellowstone Park that reads, "Please do not feed the bears. They get used to it."

Politicians think they are doing people a favor by helping to feed them when in reality they are destroying the moochers' lives.

Secondly, progressives fail to understand the free market. The free market is the result of the economic interaction of a free people. There is no free market left -- government has destroyed it.

The free market is part of God's natural law and cannot be perverted indefinitely. Eventually economic forces will right themselves with devastating consequences.

The tea party stood up and said what is wrong with our government. Obamacare, deficit spending, debt and printing money out of nothing to monetize the debt

And what does the tea party get for its efforts? The blame. Tick-tock goes the clock. It is only a matter of time before this house of cards comes tumbling down.


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