Letter: Homelink needs Richland School Board to live up to promises

November 11, 2013 

Part of the Richland School District bond was a promise to Homelink that we would receive a larger building for onsite classes. We don't need a new building, we just need a space that is able to accommodate everyone. Currently, our staff members are in windowless basement offices. Classes are held in cramped rooms not designed for instruction.

Now, we have to wait three years to receive a new building! This is unacceptable. Homelink is bursting at the seams. The school board has broken its promise to Homelink as it refuses to install fire sprinklers in our facility to bring it up to code. This means that only 50 students can attend classes in our current building at one time when more than 400 students are enrolled. Either the school board needs to find a way to accommodate more students at the current facility by installing sprinklers and more portables, or it needs to find a new space for Homelink for the 2014-15 school year.

Homelink brings extra revenue to the district. It is growing tremendously every year. Homelink must not be ignored. By compromising the need for a better facility, the school district may see Homelink shrink instead of grow.


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