Pasco man pleads innocent to 2 felony counts of tampering with a witness

Kristin M. Kraemer, Tri-City HeraldNovember 10, 2013 

A Pasco man is charged with sending text messages and a handwritten letter to his wife to change her story so his domestic violence case would get dropped.

Jesus Calderon, 44, pleaded innocent to two felony counts of tampering with a witness. His trial is scheduled Dec. 11.

Pasco police were called to the couple's home at 9:39 p.m. June 13 for reports that Calderon was assaulting his wife. Calderon was arrested on suspicion of assault with domestic violence and held in jail overnight.

Calderon was served with a no-contact order as a part of the city of Pasco case.

Six days after his release, Calderon sent text messages to his wife saying he had written a letter and their daughter would give it to her, court documents said.

Calderon also said when asked by his attorney what had happened, he denied using force to take a phone away from his wife. He said if asked the same question, his wife should say no it didn't happen so the charges would go away, documents said.

His wife received the letter about a week later. Calderon had moved in with his daughter after getting out of jail, and reportedly asked her to deliver it.

In the letter, Calderon allegedly reiterated that his lawyer would be calling his wife and that his wife was to deny the assault so he'd be free.

The wife in October showed detectives that she got 15 texts from Calderon between June 17 and 20. "The last one was the text where he told her to change her testimony," court documents said.

The daughter also confirmed for police that her father had asked her to deliver the letter, in violation of his court order, documents said.

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