Letter: Frightened by out-of-control Congress

November 10, 2013 

As a taxpayer I have a problem with politicians knowingly lying when they open their mouths, blaming others for something they did, claiming no responsibility, wasting time and costing taxpayers billions of dollars without guilt or reprimand.

What do they have to show for it? Forty-plus documented failures; thousands of hours of wasted time; shame and loss for the U.S., most citizens, themselves and their party. They brought the world to the brink of economic collapse without remorse -- and in fact voted for it.

It is frightening to see an out-of-control Congress or party that depends on sleaze to win elections and control. They don't operate like humans who were sincerely elected to work within the democratic process, not to show us how dictators can arise, using the Constitution as a sword.

Party members themselves have admitted that uncompromising extremists exist amongst them and claim they might split. The irony is the right wing is being intimidated by the right wing. The plan, of course, is to brainwash and scare all of us, and this is historically familiar. It's not about us; it's about money and political purity.


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