Fast Focus: 'Is Halloween over the top?' Scary traditions

November 10, 2013 

Is Halloween over the top? Was it over the top when Christians believed the wall between this world and the next was "thinnest" on Oct. 31? Or when they believed evil spirits roamed free on that night? Or when Christians used pagan symbols to ward off the evil spirits? Or when Christians wore masks in the days/weeks leading up to Halloween to disguise themselves so that the spirits of their departed loved ones wouldn't recognize them, miss the annual afterlife bus to heaven, and remain earthbound spirits? Yep, it's all true and over the top.

What is so over the top about kids and adults dressing up in costumes and having a little fun at the end of summer just before the winter weather sets in? Of course, nothing is wrong with it. People who don't want to participate can leave their porch lights off, not dress up, and sit at home -- like they do every night.

-- MIKE WILSON, Richland

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