Letter: fossil fuels forcing climate to the tipping point

November 8, 2013 

A beautiful photo in the Oct. 17 Herald showed Ruth Livingston Elementary students studying along the Columbia River. Another ideal outdoor science classroom is Amon Creek Natural Preserve (www.tapteal.org). Let's protect it from further development for this very use.

What kind of world will we leave our children and grandchildren?

If we keep burning fossil fuels, we'll soon reach climate tipping points, creating unpredictable weather systems that threaten our and other species' survival.

Solution? Replace fossil fuels with wind, water and solar technology to generate electricity for all our energy needs.

How? Employ a market-based revenue-neutral tax on carbon-based fuels at the source that increases steadily and predictably to make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels within a decade (www.citizensclimatelobby.org). All of the dividend is equitably returned to us. Two-thirds of our households come out equal or ahead regarding the increasing energy costs, protecting the poor and middle class. Venture capitalists, banks and entrepreneurs, seeing a predictable price signal, create innovative breakthroughs in the new clean-energy economy.

Some innovative work is already under way in our region. British Columbia's carbon tax shift has public support and is reducing CO2 emissions.

Our descendants need nature in a world with a stable climate.


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