Letter: Congressional malfeasance points to need for National O.W.L. Party

November 8, 2013 

Letter: Congressional malfeasance points to need for National O.W.L. Party

In 1976, Red Kelly, a musician and Olympia bar owner, founded the O.W.L. Party. The initials stood for Out With Logic and On With Lunacy. It was a joke and a political comment on how our state government was being run.

O.W.L. ran six candidates for the top six offices in state government. All six were placed in that year's voters pamphlet. One slogan was, "We don't give a HOOT!" and the other was, "Throw the rascals out!"

They all lost, but the O.W.L. party's filings prompted the Legislature to pass new restrictions for a minor party candidate to be included on the ballot.

Considering the performance of both parties in Congress the last few years, we could sure use a national O.W.L. party. The Washington state O.W.L. Party of 1976 was a mirthful comment on the condition of state politics then. I see a glaring parallel in congressional politics today. Both parties share in the mess the country is in today. This is why I favor the O.W.L. parties slogan; "Throw the rascals out" for all of Congress today. Can we say term limits?


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