Letter: Leaders fail veterans on PTSD treatment

November 6, 2013 

Your recent article concerning the Kennewick psychotherapist Roberto Valdez ("PTSD treatment still available," Oct. 21) really struck home with me.

I suffer from an unusually severe case of PTSD (Vietnam draftee infantryman, 1968).

During the past dozen years, I've been treated by two psychiatrists, two psychologists, three psychiatric nurse practitioners and at least five different PTSD counselors with master's degrees in social work.

Roberto Valdez is by far the most effective of the lot of them. He alone, of all the above-mentioned mental health practitioners, alerted me to the cause of the most severe facet of my PTSD.

I like to tease Roberto Valdez that "he is just about the only mental health counselor I've had that isn't himself in need of mental health counseling."

I also like to tease him concerning the current unsettled state of the world. His specializing in PTSD makes it obvious to me that he's soon going to have more patients than he can handle.

And as far as his being refused a federal contract -- is that any surprise, given the recent shenanigans of our "so-called" leaders in Washington, D.C.?

The above-mentioned leaders claim they want to help our veterans. Their hypocrisy in refusing the above-mentioned contract amuses me.

C.E. GEE, Pasco

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