Letter: Wealth inequality

November 6, 2013 

Letter: Wealth inequality

I know my Republican friends do not want to accept that their "trickle down" economic policies have devastated the middle class and the poor to subsidize the rich. I ask them to reconsider the facts and the consequences for maintaining an untenable position that I believe is literally destroying our democracy. Watch the You Tube video documentary Wealth Inequality In America. I challenge absolutely anyone to dispute these facts.

I have requested the Republican leadership in Congress to provide me with the "statistical analysis" of exactly how their economic policies and this wealth inequality reality are in the best interest of our country, but they have not responded. I wonder why. Perhaps our local Republican leadership can provide that information publically. It is time for the American people to demand accurate information from our politicians, so we can make informed decisions regarding the direction we want our country to go in.


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