Letter: Response to Mansperger column -- blame tax and spenders

November 4, 2013 

For Mark Mansperger (In Focus, Oct. 13,) to suggest that the Tea Party or other Republicans are the cause of our economic and fiscal problems is simply ridiculous. To quote Mansperger "...if we continue to let the most radical and malicious among us have such an influential role," then those "among us" are the left-wing, tax-and-spend, redistribute-income Democrats such as Mansperger, President Obama, Sens. Patty Murray and Harry Reid and all the other Democrats who believe that a tax-and-spend philosophy is good for our country.

The biggest problem with Obamacare is that it is a government-run program that will substantially increase our deficit. What kind of data does Mansperger have to suggest that we have economic growth and the deficit is only $590 billion. The current deficit is $750 billion -- the national debt is almost $17 trillion -- and economic growth remains a puny 2.4 percent. Mansperger may understand anthropology but he should take economics 101.

DICK HAMES, Richland

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