Letter: Response to Mansperger column -- large numbers of Americans would disagree

November 4, 2013 

Contrary views

I read Mark Mansperger's anti-conservative views in a recent Tri-City Forum section of the Herald. Shortly thereafter, while riding my bicycle through Columbia Park, I passed a large Tea Party group. I am sure many in this group would find Mr. Mansperger's views extremely partisan.

Apparently, a large portion of our country was not satisfied with the direction of the country during President Obama's first two years in office and voted the democrats out of the House majority. These newly elected members pledged to support their constituents' views.

These newly elected congressmen believe bills should be read before passage. Additionally they believe, if the president makes promises in reference health care, one should expect these promises to be upheld or the law should be modified. They believe everyone should be treated equally without special provisions for Congress and special interest groups. The $17 trillion in debt is considered by many to be a national disgrace and if not corrected soon, may very well destroy our economy.

There are views contrary to the Democratic National Committee's talking points and the mainstream media. I respect people's right to express these views without name-calling. I encourage the Herald to present these views as well.


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